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“You Can’t control the weather but you CAN protect your home from basement flooding”

Rainfall has increased 18% on average in Canada over the past 100 years

How Flood Re works

Every insurer that offers home insurance in the UK must pay into the Flood Re Scheme. This Levy raises £180m every year that we use to cover the flood risks in home insurance policies.

Flood Re works with insurers behind the scenes. When you buy home insurance cover, your insurer can choose to pass the flood risk element of your policy to us for a fixed price.

If you make a valid claim for flooding, your insurer will pay the claim. Later on, we’ll reimburse that insurer from the Flood Re fund.

In short, you buy home insurance in the usual way. We cover the flood risk and that helps to keep your premiums down.

Your municipality is offering a grant to local home and property owners of up to $3400 to help cover
installation of these Flood Prevention devices. You can find out if you are eligible in as little as 20
minutes, by having one of our qualified Valve Locators check your premises. Once your eligibility is
verified, our experts will walk you through the grant application process. Contact us to start today!

“Reduce Your Flood Risk… Protect what matters most”

The number of uninsurable Canadian homes is increasing due to climate change related flood risk.

  • The insurance gap in Canada is significant. Canadians have faced substantial uninsured losses,
    especially since the floods of 2013.
  •  Basement flooding is on the rise, costing homeowners in the GTA on average $43,000 to repair a
    flooded basement. 
  • Floodproofing is a means of protecting individual structures in the flood fringe from damage.
  •  One of the basic techniques include using one-way valves in the sewer system to prevent
    backflush from the sewer lines.

“Access GOV'T subsidies geared towards protecting your home”

In Canada, flood risk mitigation is typically a responsibility of local governments. They review/ approve new developments and maintain stormwater management systems.

  • Partnerships between federal, provincial and local governments play important role in
    alleviating the financial impacts of natural disasters. These partnerships are responsible for the
    development of substantial subsidies available to homeowners.

  • Homeowners can more effectively reduce flood risk on their property if they are equipped with
    the right knowledge and tools.

  • Specific to residential properties, there are 50 potential ways that water might enter a home
    and cause flood damage; thus deciding which actions are most appropriate is critical.
  • “Boots on the Ground” We are an officially licensed partner program, deployed to engage Home
    owners in your region for the purposes of Public Education and assessment.

The purpose of our organization is to inform you of the government grant and subsidy programs
available for these flood prevention devices. As one of the few government approved contractors, we
have different methods to qualifying your home for these subsidies.
Contact us today for a free assessment.

Protect your property & ENHANCE it's value

There are many ways home owners can gain piece of mind through flood proofing. These devices not
only protect your family, your home and it's contents from damage due to flood;