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Flood Protection

The Chester County Water Resources Authority was created to provide sound water science, information and planning resources to support safe, healthy and prosperous communities throughout Chester County, PA. This includes real time water level monitoring through a partnership with USGS and guidance on floodplain management. The Authority also provides flood protection in the Brandywine Creek watershed through the operation of four flood control facilities and emergency response information.

Local Flood Levels Information - Real Time

The real time water level of local creeks is continually monitored and the information is available for anyone
to view or to sign up for alerts.

FEMA and Floodplains in Chester County

FEMA’s mapping of floodplains approximates where floodwaters may rise, however even if the property is outside of a FEMA floodplain, it may still flood.

Regional Flood Control Program - Brandywine Creek Watershed

The Chester County Water Resources Authority owns
and operates four regional flood control facilities
and the Chambers Lake Reservoir.

Winter Storms

Winter storms can bring snow, sleet, and freezing rain. Learn how to stay safe before, during and after
a winter storm.